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About the PBRC

The Palm Beach Regional Center is operated by Palm Beach Investment and Finance. It was established in 2008 with the intent of developing local industries, creating jobs and economic growth for the region, and helping promote the region to the international community.

The Palm Beach Regional Center handles a variety of projects that showcase and benefit from the region's strength as an international gateway to the western hemisphere.

About the Region

Palm Beach is the largest county southeast of the Mississippi River. It is also one of the richest, both financially and culturally. The Town of Palm Beach houses perhaps the greatest collection of wealth in the world, and the area’s international appeal makes it a haven for people from all over the world who make Palm Beach County vivid with its panoply of culture. Enclaves of immigrants from Canada, Central and South America, Asia, as well as Europe all abound and thrive in Palm Beach, making it a region like no other, a true gateway to the western hemisphere.

But what really sets Palm Beach County apart is its immense potential for development and growth. With several blossoming industries that the world is just beginning to take notice of, the county is poised to explode into a true Mecca for international investment and commerce.

This is why we have established the Palm Beach Regional Center. Our EB-5 designation allows Palm Beach Investment & Finance, which operates the Regional Center to collect and channel foreign investment into a variety of projects that will contribute to the region’s growth and appeal. And since participation qualifies investors to assume legal residence in the United States, these pooled investments actually serve to fund the development of a local infrastructure for each participating investor should they choose to make Palm Beach County their home. It is one of the great benefits of the EB-5 program that an investor can live and work anywhere that they choose in the United States.


More information:

Palm Beach County Government

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What is a Regional Center?

Administered by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), the EB-5 Regional Center Designation is one of severalinitiatives established by the Immigration Act of 1990 to promote the influx of foreign capital, both financial and intellectual.

The Regional Center Pilot Program began two years later with a Congressional mandate aimed at stimulating economic growth. The program is designed to encourage the pooling of foreign investment in entities known as Regional Centers, while affording eligible foreigners the opportunity to gain legal residency status in the US.

Since investment in a Regional Center is tied to job creation, a minimum investment level is required for participation in the program. However, unlike rules governing individual investors, EB-5 program participants benefit from being able to create jobs both directly and indirectly, allowing for a much greater degree of flexibility.

By ensuring that Investors undergo a thorough vetting process, USCIS is able to administer the program and maintain its integrity as a viable and accountable mechanism for both investment and immigration.

Palm Beach Investment and Finance (PBIF) operates Palm Beach Regional Center and was granted the EB-5 designation in 2008 after demonstrating a strict adherence to the USCIS guidelines governing EB-5 development.

For more information, visit the USCIS website.

Palm Beach Investment and Finance, LLC

DBA: Palm Beach Regional Center

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